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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Global temperatures are rising, and the consequences of this human-made crisis are already unravelling. Climate change is having devastating effects on our ecosystems, resources, homes, livelihoods, and lives.

Our mission is to create accessible technology in order to empower Individuals, Households, and Businesses to drive change and take action in pursuit of a more sustainable world.

Getting Involved

Let’s Solve Climate Change Together


Individuals and households have the power to collectively reduce up to 38% of global greenhouse gases. Discover your impact in the world by using our carbon calculator and start taking action by joining our global community. We are currently developing an app with a unique approach that will help reduce household emissions, inform about climate change, and bring people together as a community to combat global warming.

For Businesses

Small and medium enterprises are responsible for more than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We have developed an integrated platform that not only helps SMEs reduce their carbon footprint, but enables them to assess climate risks, opportunities, and develop business resilience strategies in front of a changing climate. Shocks like COVID-19 will become far more frequent and SMEs need to have contingency plans in place.

What we do

Our Strengths

Carbon Footprint

Discover your carbon footprint and develop tailored target to achieve Paris Agreement Goals


Access our green projects database and contribute to the regeneration of our planet

Climate Risks and Opportunities

Explore your business climate exposures, reduce your business carbon footprint and cut down costs 

Business Resilience

Prepare your business for a changing climate and develop business resilience strategies for an uncertain future

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