• Taking Organisations on the Journey to Net-Zero

    Climax Community is a purpose-driven organisation whose carbon analytics and reduction strategy platform, Climate Essentials, brings together different stakeholders to achieve climate pledges.

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  • Start Your Net Zero Journey with Climate Essentials!

    Climate Essentials is a data-driven platform that enables organisations to understand their carbon footprint and manage their emissions. Whilst guiding users along a feasible journey to net zero, we provide accessible and interactive emissions insights along the way. Our platform is helping hundreds of businesses to target net-zero campaigns, incentives, and initiatives.

    • Measure your organisations carbon emissions across scope 1, 2 and 3.
    • Track your emissions and access a personalised and carbon reduction dashboard.
    • Reduce your emissions across operations with our scenario planning feature.

    With Climate Essentials, everything you need is in a single platform!

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  • Our Mission

    We are dedicated to fighting the climate crisis and empowering climate action by providing standardised data analytics to reduce carbon footprints. We want to bring structure to carbon reduction by creating a consistent and collective approach to our world’s most pressing issue.

    There have been:

    Tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere this year! With this current rate, we have 3 more years until our carbon budget is exhausted and to reach net zero.

  • Welcome to the Community!

    We understand that the climate crisis is not just about the numbers. Engage your team, gain expert insights, and share your stories on our community forums!

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  • Why Climax Community?


    With unique functionalities, such as flexible data inputting options and estimation algorithms, our industry specific questioning tailors Climate Essentials to your organisation’s needs.


    Affordable annual subscription-based service includes a supportive onboarding process, user guides, and video tutorials.


    Dynamic emissions breakdown by year, scope, and location, allows users to quickly analyse data, understand the environmental results, and forecast reduction scenarios.

    Earn Accreditation

    You are able to feature our stamp on your website and pledge to the SME Climate Hub and Science Based Targets initiative.

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