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    Welcome to a global network of engaged people, business, and other organisations who are taking action to fight climate change. At Climax Community you can measure, track and reduce your emissions alongside a community of other like-minded individuals and businesses.

  • Who Are We?

    Climax Community is a purpose driven organisation whose carbon analytics and reduction strategy platform brings together different stakeholders to achieve climate pledges by engaging the power of collaborative action.

    We are dedicated to fighting the climate crisis and empowering climate action by providing standardised data analytics to reduce carbon footprints. We want to bring structure to carbon reduction by creating a consistent and collective approach to our world’s most pressing issue.

    By leveraging the power of communities, we aim to reduce emissions by 107 million tonnes by 2025. This is 25% of the UK annual emissions.There have been:

    Tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere this year! With this current rate, we have 3 more years until our carbon budget is exhausted and to reach net zero.

  • Reduce Costs, Emissions and Save the Planet Together

    Our interactive platform, Climate Essentials ensures that every stakeholder is able to understand their carbon footprint quickly, easily and affordably. The insightful data analytics we provide makes climate pledges more tangible, whilst also guiding stakeholders along a feasible journey to net zero through our customisable carbon reduction strategy.

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    • We want a million people to take one step in reducing their footprint, not a million steps by one person.
    • It can be easy being greener without a dramatic change to your lifestyle.
    • Join our community to share ideas, discuss with others and access the latest about climate action. Let’s multiply positive change together.
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    Easily understand your carbon emissions, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 with Climate Essentials

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    Understand how to reduce your carbon footprint through a customisable strategy to achieve climate pledges


    Visualise your emissions over time and across different categories to track progress towards climate pledges


    Join our community to engage with people and businesses to share tips and tricks and stay up to date with climate news

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