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  • Climax Community

    Climax Community emerges from the critical need to fight climate change. Our mission is to empower individuals, households, and small businesses to create a global community that is taking control of their carbon footprint and catalysing action to fight climate change. We want to drive awareness, knowledge, and action to avoid, reduce, and offset carbon emissions.

    We are an early-stage start-up whose members are extremely passionate about solving today’s most pressing problem. We have gathered a small team of driven professionals who not only have a proven record of creating and scaling successful start-ups but are also experts in sustainability and climate change. We believe together we can fight towards a greener future

  • Steve Berry


    Steve has over 35 years of international business experience in corporate finance. He started his career at Bankers Trust and worked in the capital and securities market in NY, Tokyo, and London. This period in investment banking was followed by a career in venture capital, a focus retained to the present day. Steve holds several executive and non-executive directorships, including chairman of Clima Investments, a green FinTech asset management company.

    Daniela Menzky

    Executive Chairman

    Daniela has 25 years of international and diverse industry sector experience featuring a combination of expertise within global corporate blue-chip organisations such as Kodak, Avon Products, and HAVI Logistics, the world’s largest privately-owned food service logistics company, as well as small & medium size technology enterprises. She is also a Director of Waterbridge Capital, a venture capital firm with a portfolio of small-cap companies in digital media, telecoms, and cybersecurity.

    Martina Colman

    Climate Change Engineer

    Martina is a climate change and sustainability advocate with a background in engineering, renewable energy, and sustainable development. She has worked in a variety of projects across R&D and consulting, ranging from biofuel implementation at a country level to energy efficiency and climate change impact measurement. Originally from Argentina, Martina has worked on projects across Latin America, Europe and Asia. As a supporter of broadening the roles of engineers to solve today’s most pressing problems, Martina is passionate about the inclusion of sustainability as a practice to promote systemic change.

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