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  • About Us

    Climax Community emerges from the critical need to fight climate change. Our mission is to empower individuals, households, and small businesses to create a global community that is taking control of their carbon footprint and catalysing action to fight climate change. We want to drive awareness, knowledge, and action to avoid, reduce, and offset carbon emissions.

    We are an early-stage start-up whose members are extremely passionate about solving today’s most pressing problem. We have gathered a small team of driven professionals who not only have a proven record of creating and scaling successful start-ups but are also experts in sustainability and climate change. We believe together we can fight towards a greener future

  • The Team

    Steve Berry

    Steve has over 35 years of international business experience in corporate finance. He started his career at Bankers Trust and worked in the capital and securities market in NY, Tokyo, and London. This period in investment banking was followed by a career in venture capital, a focus retained to the present day. Steve holds several executive and non-executive directorships, including chairman of Clima Investments, a green FinTech asset management company.

    Daniela Menzky

    Daniela has 25 years of international and diverse industry sector experience featuring a combination of expertise within global corporate blue-chip organisations such as Kodak, Avon Products, and HAVI Logistics, the world’s largest privately-owned food service logistics company, as well as small & medium size technology enterprises. She is also a Director of Waterbridge Capital, a venture capital firm with a portfolio of small-cap companies in digital media, telecoms, and cybersecurity.

    Dr Garry Felgate

    Garry is passionate about clean-affordable energy - how do we decarbonise our homes whilst allowing the most vulnerable to afford to stay warm. His PhD was in Passive Housing. Garry has a background in energy, environment and sustainability, built in corporate organisations (IBM, Landmark Graphics) and leading consultancies (KPMG, A.T.Kearney). He was a founder director of the Carbon Trust leading on the UK’s carbon reduction programmes for business creating the Action Energy and Carbon Management programmes.

    Nowadays he supports start-ups operating in the clean energy sector and supports the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy on their Energy Entrepreneurs Fund programme and Innovate UK. He recently has advised several overseas governments on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the elimination of coal. He is a board director of the Brighton and Hove Energy Service Co-op and Chair of Thermify – an innovative start-up providing zero cost, zero carbon domestic heating.

    Anna Campbell

    Anna has 8 years of experience in the not for profit sector, and comes from a background in client and project management. She has worked in a variety of projects ranging from large scale client service delivery to product development, and more recently, she has established an international subsidiary in India. Anna is passionate about working in an organisation that aims to deliver significant and lasting change.

    Laura Mitchell

    Laura is a recent geography graduate from Oxford University. Reflecting her interests in sustainability and climate change, she has worked on and led projects across Kenya and the UK to increase the adoption of household renewable energy solutions through bespoke financing options. Her goal is to improve the provision and access to both information and products which enable ecological living. This is evident through her voluntary work with the charity Kite Oxford-Nairobi, where as project director she has promoted education and the use of sustainable sanitary products. Some of Laura’s academic research is currently being published for its innovative contribution to health and well-being.

    Martina Colman

    Martina is a climate change and sustainability advocate with a background in engineering, renewable energy, and sustainable development. She has worked in a variety of projects across R&D and consulting, ranging from biofuel implementation at a country level to energy efficiency and climate change impact measurement. Originally from Argentina, Martina has worked on projects across Latin America, Europe and Asia. As a supporter of broadening the roles of engineers to solve today’s most pressing problems, Martina is passionate about the inclusion of sustainability as a practice to promote systemic change.

    Liam Kelly

    Liam has over 8 years of digital marketing, graphic design and web development experience. He has a wide range of interests within the sector. Volunteering in global conservation projects in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Asia. He believes that everyone has a huge part to play in the next 10 years to turn the tide on climate change.

  • Climate Change Interns

    Helena Holmes

    Helena is a recent geography and french graduate from UCL. She has a wide range of interests within the sector and has written a blog on climate change mitigation from individual to supranational solutions. She is particularly passionate about environmental policies such as the Green New Deal. In the aftermath of Covid-19, Helena believes that these policies can be used as a framework to create a greener and more equal society.

    Patrick Mullins

    Patrick is currently completing an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh. He found his motivation to work in this sector growing up in the Yorkshire Dales and whilst studying Maths at undergraduate level - where he was able to tailor his academic and extracurricular work towards sustainability. Patrick has become a keen problem solver and is now keen to make his contribution towards solving the biggest problem facing the world today… climate change.

  • Climate Change Ambassadors

    Suzanna Hayek

    Suzanna is an MA Journalism student in London. Her focus is on content creation. Her goal is to give the ocean a voice in the urban world. As a diver, she witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change on coral reefs. Suzanna joined Climax Community to raise awareness about the challenges facing the ocean and to highlight its integral role in fighting climate change. She believes in high quality of life for all.

    Aine Crossan

    Aine is an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Analyst with a blended technical and commercial background. After completing a Masters Degree in Ocean Sciences at the University of Liverpool, Aine worked at a Centrist Political Think-Tank in Washington D.C. as part of the prestigious leadership initiative, the Washington Ireland Programme. Aine is an advocate for sustainability, previously working with some of the most innovative clean technology start-ups across Europe and the U.S. to support their leadership growth. Passionate diversity & inclusion, Aine co-created and hosts the herSustainability Podcast where she speaks with some of the most senior female leaders within the clean technology industry to champion greater gender diversity.

    Angela Rose

    Angela works at The ADE, where she facilitates member engagement to support the ADE’s work to set the vision of a local, efficient, low carbon energy system. Her enthusiasm for sustainability was ignited in her geography studies, which inspired her degree in Geography at Swansea University. Her main focus in the Climax Community is community engagement through events, with a strong focus on energy and conservation of resources. Angela’s goal involves inspiring and engaging people to make small, yet significant changes to their lives to positively impact the environment and society. Angela believes in the power of together to achieve a shared ambition to utilise strengths and learn from different people for the benefit of a combined goal. She believes one person can make an incredible difference - something is better than nothing. Angela loves to travel and explore the outdoors, whatever the weather; you can find her hiking, climbing, paddle-boarding and biking.

    Gulshen Unveren

    Gulshen is a climate change activist with a background in environmental engineering. She has dedicated career to environmental studies with a focus on sustainable development and resource conservation. With a particular focus on water resources management and process intensification she has been working on carbon emission minimisation within the industry. Her aim is to promote climate change awareness and sustainable living practices. She will be focusing on content creation and community building as a Climax Community team member.

    Emily Tradd

    "Growing up by the sea, it was only natural that Emily would study Marine Policy and Environmental Economics at the in her early studies. During her studies, she spent a semester sailing the Carribean and conducting marine research aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer. Her career has remained closely connected to ocean conservation but has certainly expanded to work and studies in Climate Change in the broader sense. Most recently, she completed a MSc in Climate Change Science and Policy at King's College London where she focused on societal risk perception and climate communication. She now is working in alternative energy and carbon accounting in London. Emily is committed to creating a more just and sustainable future"

    Ellen Brown

    Ellen is an enthusiastic and passionate individual specialising in sustainability within fashion. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication and Promotion, she strives to focus on curating thought-provoking sustainable solutions by captivating audiences and brands through innovation and strategy. Her goal is to provide her expertise and skill set to ensure circular and positive climate impacts. By doing so, it opens up a space for opportunity and growth whilst vastly improving business performances through implementation of the triple bottom line. She believes it is important to learn and inspire one another on the importance of climate change and the vital shift to a cleaner future. Ellen will be working on the brand strategy and content creation as part of the ambassador team for Climax Community.

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