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  • Let’s Solve Climate Change Together

  • Did you know?

    Small and medium enterprises are responsible for more than 20% of the UK's carbon emissions.

    An average micro business can reduce their carbon footprint by 13 tonnes each year and save £2,000 if they implement carbon reduction strategies.

    Collectively, by taking action to reduce its footprint, the business sector could save £23bn a year.

  • How can I get involved?

    Costumers and the government are increasingly putting pressure on businesses to act in a more sustainable way. Businesses must therefore respond and prove their commitments to reduce their carbon footprint.

    To help you with this, we have developed Climate Essentials, an easy and understandable online platform that makes the process of carbon management, reporting, and reduction easy, affordable, and engaging for businesses of any sector and size.

    Measure your carbon footprint
  • We cannot fight climate change alone. It's not a single business taking a million steps to reduce their impact, but a million businesses taking small steps towards a greener future. Collectively, we can all make a difference to reduce global warming. As well as measuring and reporting your carbon footprint with Climate Essentials, you can also join our community of businesses in your region. Here you can share ideas, recommendations, access grants and support to reduce your organisational carbon footprint. Nudge your employees to take action and make your workplace greener.

    Ready to make a real change?

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