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    Climate Essentials is an online carbon management system that makes climate action easy, engaging, and affordable for people and businesses. Collectively, we can all all make a difference towards a greener future.

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    Carbon management, reduction, and reporting in a single platform.

    • Dynamic carbon footprint analysis.
    • Tracking of carbon emissions by scope.
    • Access to a carbon reduction and cost savings plan.
    • Invite suppliers and visualise supply chain emissions.
    • Connect with the SME community.
    • Automatic reporting for all stakeholders.

    People & Households

    Engaging, easy, and collective climate action in your communities.

    • Reduce household costs.
    • Measure carbon emissions.
    • Benchmark against neighbours and similar businesses.
    • Build communities.
    • Encourage, engage, and participate.
    • Help collectively reduce community emissions.
    • Find sustainable products.

    Local Authorities

    Engaging and useful carbon data analytics from your ecosystem.

    • Granular level data: geography, sector, and scope.
    • Identify carbon hotspots.
    • View SMEs and households pathway towards Net-Zero.
    • Enabling evidence-based decisions to develop targeted initiatives to maximise benefits.
    • Be part of the solution.
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  • Ready to make a real change?

    We cannot fight climate change alone.

    As well as measuring and reporting your carbon footprint with Climate Essentials, you can also join our community of businesses.

    Here you can share ideas, recommendations, access grants and support to reduce your organisational carbon footprint. Nudge your employees to take action and make your workplace greener.

    It's not a single business or person taking a million steps to reduce their impact, but a million businesses and people taking small steps towards a greener future.

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