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  3. Deforestation is only continuing and accelerating, with many of the same negative effects - now on a larger scale. In her article, Rachel Brown from DIY Garden shares some excellent information on the topic, and explains how we can help to prevent deforestation as well as take steps to reverse its negative impacts on the environment. 'Wilderness. We all have an image in mind of what that word means. Some might picture the majestic mountains, glaciers, and towering conifers of Alaska, while others might imagine the vast expanse of the Amazon, teeming with all sorts of life. Huma
  4. until
    Best-practice textiles for a positive and sustainable future in Fashion. Due to restrictions, this event will be held live. https://www.futurefabricsvirtualexpo.com
  5. Meat and dairy are responsible for 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 14.5% of global emissions. Eliminating meat and dairy consumption could cut global farmland use by more than 75%. This is important as the loss of wild areas due to agriculture is the leading cause of the mass extinction of wildlife. Greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram for different food groups. Chart by Carbon Brief using Highcharts. Adapted from Dr Hannah Ritchie/Our World in Data (2020) Data source: Poore & Nemecek (2018). As the graph above shows, animal-based foods often have
  6. 44% of people in the UK own a pet. Whilst pets have many benefits, notably on our health and wellbeing, there is no denying that they have a detrimental impact on the environment. Author: Petteri Sulonen Mike Berners-Lee’s book, “How Bad Are Bananas?”, reveals the carbon footprints of almost everything, including our pets. Average-size cat – 310kg of CO2e per year Average-size dog – 770 kg of CO2e per year Large dog – 2,500kg of CO2e per year Goldfish – 25kg of CO2e per year The biggest contributor to these carbon emissions is pet food. Meat mak
  7. Purchasing high quality carbon credits is an effective way to contribute the transition to a low-carbon, climate secure world. A carbon offset represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) that hasn’t been emitted into the atmosphere. Offsets come from on-the-ground projects and activities to reduce carbon emissions; for example, by switching to more sustainable fuel sources, or by planting trees that soak up CO2 from the air. In 2018, the carbon market reached 144 billion euros. Source: Climate Active However, prices of carbon credits used by companies to offset th
  8. This year's theme is Ecosystem Restoration and the UN has released a new report which highlights that humanity is using about 1.6 times the amount of services that nature can provide sustainably. That means conservation efforts alone are insufficient to prevent large-scale ecosystem collapse and biodiversity loss. Global terrestrial restoration costs – not including costs of restoring marine ecosystems – are estimated to be at least USD 200 billion per year by 2030. The report outlines that every 1 USD invested in restoration creates up to USD 30 in economic benefits. Ec
  9. New measures will require businesses to commit to net zero by 2050 before they can bid for major government contracts The measures announced on World Environment Day will require businesses to commit to net zero by 2050 and publish clear and credible carbon reduction plans before they can bid for major government contracts. Under the new measures, by September, prospective suppliers bidding for contracts above £5million a year will need to have committed to the government’s target of net zero by 2050 and have published a carbon reduction plan.
  10. Green New Deal (GND) packages arose following the 2008 financial crash as a solution to address the imminent economic, social, and environmental challenges known as the “triple crisis”. The name refers to FDR’s New Deal policies of the 1930s, as numerous comparisons could be drawn with the economic and social difficulties faced during the Great Depression. This time round, reforms urgently needed an environmental focus. Uniting environmental and social justice, GNDs aim to lower fossil fuel dependency, safeguard biodiversity and ecosystems, reduce inequality and create green jobs. There
  11. I've recently got into foraging and have learnt that there are a great many edible leaves, flowers, fruits and roots in my back garden and on the way to Lidl. I fifind this to be a fantastic alternative to bags of salad of unknown carbon footprint for both the leaves and the plastic packaging alone. Attached is a picture of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) which has particularly tasty leaves & flowers.
  12. How did I reduced my laundry impact by using sustainable capsules? On September 2020, I found out about a company making plastic-free packaged capsules for laundry, cruelty-free, and with lower levels of added chemicals per wash. The company is called Smol, and they're on a mission to reduce the impact of our laundry and washing products. Join them 🙂 What's good about it? The capsules are delivered to your home, with regular deliveries where you select the frequency. You get 9 capsules for £1on your first order Plastic-free, recyclable packaging that
  13. This article explains the advantages of getting a heat pump to save emissions in your household However, would it depend on how the electricity is generated? I don't know if it makes sense to burn natural gas to generate electricity, and then use said to heat my house. Wouldn't it be more efficient to just heat my household directly using natural gas in a boiler?
  14. Good news for EU! 😍 White or electrical goods such as fridges and televisions in the European Union must be able to be repaired for up to a decade under new rules that came into force on Monday. Why is this Important? Products should last longer, and therefore when broken, they should be repaired. This requires products to be designed for repair as well as support for repairers of all kinds. What is the impact? How Can I Help? Join the movement: https://repair.eu/ Check repair guides for your appliances: https://www.ifixit.com/
  15. In 2017, the UK emitted 451 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to the environment, 40% of which came from the residential sector. This means that on average, a household emits around 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. In order to achieve the UK reduction goals, each household needs to reduce by 3.6 tCO2eq their net emissions. This can be achieved by implementing different alternatives which target the reduction of energy consumption in a household. Today we present two alternatives that can help households reduce emissions and costs Double glazing an
  16. The emergency of climate change and global warming is forcing a drastic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases produce by human activities. One way of reducing the concentration of CO2 is to store it in any medium other than the atmosphere. Due to this climate crisis, new innovative solutions to capture carbon have recently emerged, but unfortunately, these technologies are not economically feasible and are not easily deployed globally at large scale. Afforestation, the activity of creating new forests where there were none before has been studied as one of the most effec
  17. By Clémentine Pons The current agricultural system is not sustainable either to ensure a healthy planet or global food security and health. The UN Food Agricultural Organisation estimates that globally, 1/3 of food produced goes to waste. In the US, 40 percent of their food supply goes to waste every year, it is similar to buying five bags from the grocery store and leaving two of them in the parking lot every time you shop. Food waste is much more difficult to solve than food losses. Food that is lost during the harvest period can be reduced thanks to investment and budget, fo
  18. While there is a prominent potential for using reforestation, agroforestry and afforestation as mitigation tools, several important factors need to be considered. Forests are complex ecosystems and adapted to the land they grow on. In contrast, their management is often simple and counterproductive, handled by economic systems and bureaucrats. Successful forest restoration requires much greater involvement and care. If badly managed, reforestation can result in outright environment consequences. From there, two situations must be considered: deforestation has to stop, and restoration program s
  19. Location: London Description Do you have previous social media experience and a passion for climate action? We are looking for a Social media and Community Lead to help us manage the content creation across Climax Community’s digital platforms and create engagement with the community. We are looking for a dynamic individual with experience in content creation and social media and community management. The ideal candidate should excel in create, maintain, and increase our social media presence and following and be able to represent the company in order to discover and carry through ne
  20. Location: Belfast, Bournemouth Description We are on the lookout for an experienced Front-end Developer to join our small and agile teamdedicated to building our innovative climate change mitigation software products. You will help optimise the design and structure of our web applications and dashboard, to boost functionality and create an effective user experience. You will have experience with the technologies used to design and develop a complex, productive and visually stunning user interface, including: HTML5, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, React JS, Vue JS, Bootstrap, and Node JS.
  21. Location: Belfast Description We are on the lookout for an experienced Back-end Developer to join our small and agile team responsible for the development and creation of our innovative climate change mitigation software products. You will be responsible for the server-side web logic, and work to improve current back-end applications and processes. Duties include: • Plan and implement REST services for our platform • Create unit and integration tests • Build integrations into external services • Cooperate and communicate with the team to build the micro services archi
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