Climate Related Food Supply Disruptions

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So, how is Climate Change impacting our Food Supply? 💭

Climate change has a huge impact on our ability to produce nutritious, high quality food 🍇

These impacts differ across the world, ranging from severe storms and flooding to extreme heating and fires, ultimately damaging agricultural food production 🌍

These impacts will only worsen as time goes on, threatening global access to reliable food supply.

What can we do to prevent this?







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The first thing needed to be done is to study climatic change related to each region after which we can provide solution. For region where they are experiencing heat, I would advise they practice irrigation, local method of wetting vegetations.Places where there are flooding, they should make rigs across the areas of plantation to reduce the rate at which crop products are being swept away by flood. We can try to make research about toxic products that can kill the locust without affecting the plants. If we can start with this we will make a lot of progress.

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