This weekend, we pivoted our efforts and joined UNLEASH – Innovation lab for SDGs, Depicentre Consulting, Nedelp, Spotlight for Transparency & Accountability and Yonedal to find solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic through a global online hack. One of our team members was part of the organising team for the ASIA GMT+5 hack, where together with 5 other young ambassadors led more than 40 people to find solutions for the current pandemic. During the global hack, a total of 31 solutions were developed over the weekend, and now the teams are looking for funding, expertise, partners or help with advocacy work.


Our initiative has been featured on Nigerian media as our member of Climax Community and her team were working on the second day of the Hackathon.

Covid-19 currently affecting all parts of the world, the collaborative power of a community of several thousand young talents, is hopefully going to be driving new initiatives, that will affect both health care systems, economic development, and education.

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