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We have collated information on companies and their pledges to become more green. Find below what your favourite brands and companies are doing to be more sustainable!



CompanyEmissionsPositive ClaimsSmallprintNews links
77.07 g/ passenger/ km (2019)• First Airline to operate at net-zero
• On course for airline with lowest emissions in 2020.
• £25 million investment in environmental projects
• Reduced carbon emissions by 1/3 since 2000
Launched Birmingham – Edinburgh routes, which are linked by fast rail routes
Expanded its airline capacity by more than 10%.
EasyJet to offset carbon emissions from all its flights

Climate change: Which airline is best for carbon emissions?

EasyJet to have carbon neutral flights with £25m annual investment in environmental projects

Climate Change, Carbon Emissions and Carbon Offsetting
8 million tons/year• Aims to be first carbon- neutral US airline (by July 2020)
• 25%-40% renewable jet fuel (Neste Oyj)
• Investment in carbon offset projects
Currently JetBlue is only offsetting domestic flightsJetBlue Moves to Become First Carbon-Neutral U.S. Airline
British Airways
159.5 kg/passenger/trip (Stansted-Mallorca)• Offsetting all domestic flights as of 1st Jan 2020
• Aims to be net-zero by 2050
More CO2 emissions per passenger than rival airlines
BA emits 18,000 tonnes additional CO2 each year due to fuel tinkering practice.
BA to offset domestic flight emissions from next year

BA Corporate Responsibility

Avoid British Airways to cut your holiday's carbon footprint, says Which?

Flights: British Airways has ‘more CO2 emissions per passenger’ than rivals, study finds

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