The Role

Climax Community is seeking students and recent graduates who possess strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills; that have a solid work ethic and a strong motivation to learn. We are interested in people that are passionate about finding new ways of tackling the climate crisis.

We have opportunities in a wide-variety of academic disciplines, including natural science, marketing, design, journalism, and arts. 

 The Company

Climax Community is a start-up dedicated to fighting the climate crisis. We aim to be the go-to place where climate change knowledge, information and action co-exist. Climax Community will quickly become a global ecosystem where people join together and take action to fight climate change. Our first projects are focused on developing software tools to empower Individuals, Households and Businesses to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions so they can reach the Paris Agreement Goals. We are currently in the prototype phase of a carbon management system, initially available as an App, which educates people on the carbon impact of their actions, employs gamification to help them reduce and avoid their emissions, and ultimately allows users to offset their emissions through various clean initiatives, including, but not limited to planting trees all around the world.


  • Manage our social media presence
  • Assist in developing digital marketing strategies, ongoing social media and digital marketing efforts for the brand, develop and report on search engine marketing campaigns
  • Create short stories and articles for our website
  • Research on climate innovation, action, and initiatives


If interested, please send an email with your CV and a cover letter to:

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