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  • Measure, Reduce and Track your Business' Carbon Emissions

  • Did You Know

    With Climate Essentials, you can easily visualize your local authority’s ecosystem of carbon emissions.

    We provide data analytics so you can measure, track, and reduce carbon emissions from businesses and households.

    This bottom-up granular data helps you inform and achieve your climate pledges.

  • ID Carbon Hotspots

    Granular Level Data: Geography, Sector, Scope

    Enabling evidence based decisions to develop targeted initiatives to achieve greatest benefit

    Improve own credibility of being part of the solution

    Get Recognition for Achievements

    View the SME / household pathway to Zero

  • Contact Us

    If you're a person or a business who is passionate about climate change and have exciting ideas on how we can all reduce global warming, please contact us. We're currently looking for users with useful insights and innovative ideas to test our platform, so please reach out to use by using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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