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  1. I agree with you. It's high time we all start to be intentional about reuse of food packaging materials, especially plastics. I once read somewhere that some of the plastic can be recycled too but I think the cost of recycling it is much compare to the amount to use to produce new one. I want to believe that's one of the reasons most people are not making use of the method. Every business is looking for ways to cut cost and have more gain rather than what will be beneficiary and friendly to our environment. Or better still, if we can imbibe new food packaging ideas or innovation that will be m
  2. Useful information. Thanks for sharing this
  3. The first thing needed to be done is to study climatic change related to each region after which we can provide solution. For region where they are experiencing heat, I would advise they practice irrigation, local method of wetting vegetations.Places where there are flooding, they should make rigs across the areas of plantation to reduce the rate at which crop products are being swept away by flood. We can try to make research about toxic products that can kill the locust without affecting the plants. If we can start with this we will make a lot of progress.
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