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  1. London Post writes about the Better Futures+ programme, delivered by West London Business in partnership with Climax Community. Through the programme, SMEs receive free access to Climate Essentials! Check out the article 'London Businesses Urged to Sign Up For Free Net Zero and Energy Crisis Business Support':
  2. Climax Community writes for Funding London's blog, Thrive, with our views and advice on how to build a sustainable start-up. In this piece, we set out the business benefits of sustainability, how businesses can start their net-zero journey, and we share some insights into our own sustainability efforts. Have a read: Image: <a href=''>Business meeting photo created by freepik -</a>
  3. The Business & Innovation Magazine writes about the programme being delivered by Climax Community in partnership with Worcestershire County Council. The Decarbonisation Portal was launched by the Council, enabling local businesses to access Climate Essentials software. Read all about it:
  4. Meet Daniela Menzky - the Co-Founder and Chair of Climax Community. In this interview, Daniela speaks about her entrepreneurial experience, her varied and impressive career, her thoughts on climate change, and her vision for Climax Community. Read the interview here:
  5. PUBLIC's blog post: 'Meet our Climate GovStart cohort', delves into the work of seven climate startups. PUBLIC's mission is "to help public sector bodies transform the services they offer in order to create a better society for everyone." Read their blog post featuring Climax Community here:
  6. Martina Colman, Head of Climate Science & Engineering at Climax Community, writes for Funding London's online journal, Thrive. Read her opinion piece, 'Carbon offsetting: the business accounting trick for climate action?':
  7. THE UK’S 66 BEST SAAS COMPANIES OF 2022 ANNOUNCED – TECHROUND’S SAAS66 12th September 2022 – London, UK – We are delighted to announce that Climax Community has been named as a finalist in the TechRound SaaS66, supported by Oracle NetSuite, ranking the top 66 SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies and startups in the UK. The SaaS66, TechRound’s hotly anticipated and annual list of the top companies in SaaS in the UK, has launched. Celebrating the companies that make one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech sectors tick, the SaaS66 highlights the best companies in the SaaS space, really m
  8. This opinion piece aims to set out the business benefits of building a sustainable start up, what you can do to start your net zero journey, and some insight into our sustainability journey at Climax Community. Sustainability is now an imperative – for businesses and for the planet – and it’s important to know that anyone and everyone can improve their operations and become a more sustainable business. Whether you are a sole trader working from your kitchen at home or a growing start up with multiple offices across different national borders, all businesses have an emissions footprint and
  9. Greenwashing is a tactic used by organisations to market their products and services as “environmentally friendly”, ethical, and “eco”. It often misleads consumers when it comes to the reality of business operations, and fails to substantiate what “being green” actually is. When we think about greenwashing, our minds typically turn to fast fashion companies, corporate giants, and international conglomerates. In truth, SMEs are just as susceptible to greenwashing as larger businesses are; with little regulation (or “good example” leaders, for that matter), consumers have, in many ways, bec
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