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  1. Have you ever been completely stumped over what to give someone for Christmas? Completely torn between the joy from giving a thoughtful gift and the guilt of contributing to further consumerism? This gift guide is here to help! Here are a few ideas that may spark inspiration this holiday season! 1. Something secondhand: First things first; Can we please ditch the stigma around giving secondhand gifts? Are you really bothered by a book which has been read before or a top which has seen the light of day a few times? Are we so self-indulgent that we demand that vase has only existed in
  2. It is no secret that we have a waste problem. In a world of finite resources, the severity of the impacts of waste and convenience culture have become more visible. Efforts are being made to move towards a circular economy and with that, the rise in technologies that utilise waste as a resource. In discussing circular technologies, anaerobic digestion (AD) is one worth highlighting as it addresses the issues of both waste and clean energy production. Organic waste generated from the breakdown of food waste, sewage sludge, agricultural slurries, crop waste, etc. generates methane which, accord
  3. Food: How does it relate to the climate crisis & why do we care? Introduction When you’re selecting groceries, ordering at a restaurant, or grabbing a coffee, do you think about your contribution to climate change? You will now! What we eat is inextricably linked to climate change by emissions from production, depletion of soil nutrients due to agriculture, transportation in modern food systems, packaging, waste, etc. Further complexity around food involves the feedback loop whereby food systems are both contributing to climate change and threatened by climate change. As cl
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