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  1. Location London (Hybrid mix of office and work from home) Description To support the growth of the next phase in our exciting start-up, we are looking for a Client Delivery Manager to lead the delivery of key projects and ensure campaigns run smoothly. You will take ownership of successfully delivering client facing projects including live demos, webinars and literacy to support clients to use our products with ease. You will work closely with the Client Management team and Product team to ensure that project delivery is in line with and delivered to the agreed sc
  2. Location London, Belfast, Bournemouth Description Under the Climate Change Act, as amended in 2019, the UK government has committed to reaching “Net Zero” by 2050. So how can we as individuals, families and even companies make the necessary changes to achieve such a target? At Climax Community we are passionate about greentech and are on a mission to empower everyone from individual level through to companies and local authorities to take control of our carbon footprint. To catalyse change, our carbon management platform gives insights into carbon consumption and genera
  3. Happy new year and welcome to 2022! There is a lot going on this year for climate action, and we hope that this year we will begin to see some action following a lot of promises made in 2021. As a company we are really looking forward to this year as we continue to expand our team and increase our impact by helping individuals, businesses and councils reduce their carbon emissions. We have goals as a company, however we are made up of a committed team who are also all doing their bit to reduce their own emissions. Here are some examples of the new year's resolutions which have been made by our
  4. As we come to the end of the COP26 negotiations I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I learnt during my visit to Glasgow. It was an eye-opening event to the power of innovation and desire for collaborative action between individuals, organisations and governments from across the world. I had the opportunity to speak with founders and innovators who are determined to find, and have found, solutions that will help us on our journey to net zero – because let’s face it, we need all the help we can get. However, not everything I learnt was quite so positive. There is still a large gap b
  5. The IPCC report suggests that food has a major impact in our planet through both production and consumption. “A global study (Stevanović et al., 2017) reported similar GHG reduction potentials for both production-side (agricultural production measures in combination with reduced deforestation) and consumption-side (diet change in combination with lower shares of food waste) measures on the order of 40% in 210011 (compared to a baseline scenario without land-based mitigation). Lower consumption of livestock products by 2050 could also substantially reduce deforestation and cumulative carb
  6. This is such an important topic - especially as Greta Thunberg was discussing the detrimental impacts of fast fashion in Vogue last week!
  7. The IPCC will be releasing their Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). Find out more information here:
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