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👗 R E W E A R 👕


Another way to make your fashion decisions more sustainable is by rewearing your outfits.... Who knew it was so easy to make a difference?? ⁉️

To other generations, rewearing outfits was the norm. However, as fast fashion is driven by changing trends, young people face more pressure to have the newest outfits, with many not daring to be caught in the same thing twice.

This mindset is incredibly harmful on the environment, with the life span of clothing items decreasing at an alarming rate🚨

So why not be bold and rewear that outfit your friends have already seen you in. You loved it for a reason right?👗 Now every time you rewear it, you can be reminded of the difference you are making to your impact on the environment 🌍🌳

Bored of your own outfits? Why not try a Clothing Swap! This is a great way to increase the life of your clothes while getting some new items for yourself, and meeting some very cool people! Search online for clothing swaps near you and begin your sustainability journey today 🌿👗

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